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Infused with Green Tea Leaf, L-Tyrosine and 25mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Our Energy Formula Capsules are doctor formulated with high-quality ingredients that are designed to give you a boost any time of day.

Supports healthy energy production 
Promotes a healthy metabolism 
Provides antioxidant protection

Contents: 60 Capsules

Green Tea Extract - a concentrated form of green tea which contains the same amount of active ingredients as an average cup of green tea. In terms of energy, green tea extract ‘s biggest benefit comes from its antioxidant power.

L-Tyrosine - a naturally occurring amino acid the body produces which is used as a precursor to noradrenaline and dopamine production. Both dopamine and norepinephrine are synthesized from tyrosine. Research shows that supplementing with L-Tyrosine can increase these important brain chemicals, which affect your mood and stress response.

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) - a powerful antioxidant that supports energy production inside your cells. It is an essential component of the electron transport chain within the mitochondria and necessary for the synthesis of ATP.

Beta-Pinene - is a chemical compound found in the cannabis plant, also is found in rosemary, pine trees, and coniferous trees and is known for its woody-green pine-like scent. It has been shown to have health benefits, especially when combined with cannabinoids and other ingredients that influence brain chemistry. 
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Product: Energy Capsules 750mgLot No: 44483Date: 07/01/2019Exp: 07/01/2021D9-THC: Not DetectedCBD: 17.88mgCannabinoids 20.81mg

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