Grape Limeade Soda by Cannabinoid Creations - 25 mg

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Surprise and delight your palette with the unsurpassed flavor of a sparkling Grape Limeade CBD Hemp Soda! Have you ever longed for a tall, cool glass of limeade on a hot day? Combine that pure craving with the deliciousness of a bubbly grape soda, and you have the makings of a Cannabinoid Creations Grape Limeade. That burst of flavor and the properties of our CBD formulation create a truly next-level experience.

You’ve never tasted anything like this – reminiscent of the past, a slow summer day becomes an unparalleled chill experience with Cannabinoid Creations.

  • 7 fl. oz. (207 mL) bottle
  • CBD Hemp Soda is proudly Made in USA
  • 100% Nut, Soy, Dairy and Gluten-free!
  • Conveniently sized, our CBD Hemp Sodas are easily vendible

Amaze your palate with our sparkling Grape Limeade CBD Hemp Soda! Ever long for a tall, cool glass of limeade on a hot day? Combine that craving with a hearty effervescent grape, and you have a burst of flavor with all the therapeutic properties of a pharma-grade CBD formulation. This is next-level enjoyment. Experience unparalleled chill with Cannabinoid Creations.

Kosher Certified
Proudly Made in the USA

Safe and legal without a prescription in all 50 states. Order your CBD Hemp Soda 4-Pack or try all five flavors today.

Cannabinoid Creations uses only the finest industrial hemp to infuse all of our Hemp Soda products, yielding the highest quality CBD in everything we make – that’s why We’re CBDifferent!

Ingredients: Filtered Carbonated Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Cannabidiol (CBD), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid

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